Horsham Lions annual Easter Egg Raffle launched

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A TOTAL of 72 giant eggs have been delivered to local pubs and hairdressers across Horsham to launch the start of Horsham Lions’ annual Easter Egg Raffle.

Proceeds from the draw on Easter Sunday will go towards the club and the many community events they organise.

Peter Nottage, landlord of The Sussex Oak in Warnham, has been participating in both this raffle and the Christmas Hamper Raffle for ten years and has raised nearly £4,000 for the Lions.

Jaqui Ovenden, of the Lions, said: “This is just another way of raising funds for our local community and this year the proceeds will go to supplement the money raised by the successful Swimarathon held in February for three defribillators shortly to be installed at Millais, Tanbridge and Forest Schools.

“The Horsham Lions are very grateful for all the support they get and would like to thank all those taking part this year.”