Horsham gymnastics competition winners

Zoe Schubert and Ella Louise Nelson
Zoe Schubert and Ella Louise Nelson

Twenty-four Gymnasts from Horsham gymnastics centre travelled to Camberley to compete in a Sports Acrcbatics competition on Sunday 26th January.

They faced stiff competition for some of leading clubs in the country.

Benjamin Ratcliffe and Alexandra Rogers

Benjamin Ratcliffe and Alexandra Rogers

Zoe Schubert and Ella Louise Nelson (pictured) finished in 2nd place in the biggest catergory of the day Grade 4 Womens Pairs beating 15 other pairs and narrowly avoided victory by 0.2 of a mark

Benjamin Ratcliffe and Alexandra Rogers (pictured) competed and came 1st by a significant margin in their first competition together as Grade 3 Mixed Pairs.

Nathan Young and Dominic Goddard also took Gold in the Grade 4 Mens Pairs.

Bronze medals went to Adam Baines & Dominic Smith, Grade 3 Mens Pairs, Aimee Tolhurst & Matilda Tester, Grade 5 Womens Pairs and Koren Thompson, Emily Steere & Natalie O’Hara Grade 6 Womens Groups.

A further 5 gymnasts achieved 4th place, 3 achieved 5th place and 3 finished in 7th place.

Ali Harmer Head Coach of Sports Acrobatics at Horsham Gymnastics Centre said: “I was very proud of all the gymnasts all aged between 8 and 17 years. They continue to improve which reflects the hard work and commitment put in by themselves, their families and the team of coaches at Horsham.

“We now are looking ahead to our next competition in 6 weeks’ time where we hope many of the gymnasts will win and carry on to represent the Region at the National Finals in May.”

Report and pictures contributed by Ali Harmer.