Horsham Giraffe Trail auction starts tonight

The auctioning of Horsham’s beautiful giraffes will start on ebay at 7pm tonight (Thursday November 28)

The giraffes are divided into three tranches with the first tranche containing the following 15 giraffes - Autumn, Billy, Bobby, Chester, Horatio, Keith (Martin), Juby-Lee, Mandy, Roy, Sally, Siyabonga, Sourcey, Stanley, Titch, and Waffle.

JPCT 211013 Charity Giraffe showcase, Capitol, Horsham. Photo by Derek Martin

JPCT 211013 Charity Giraffe showcase, Capitol, Horsham. Photo by Derek Martin

Subsequent tranches will be launched on eBay on Thursdays December 5 and December 12. Each auction will last 10 days and will close on Sunday evenings December 8,15 and 22.

Full details of each giraffe are available in a brochure which can be requested by emailing horshamrotary@btconnect.com. It will also be downloadable next week.

The giraffes will also be available for viewing in Swan Walk (upper floor next to Wilkinsons) for the next three Saturdays between 11am and 2 pm.

One of the highlights of this week’s auction is Bobby which came second in the public vote to determine the best of more than 50 charity giraffes. Proceeds from the sale will go to Horsham Samaritans. Bobby is a young police officer, who came in handy to stop traffic during the giraffe parade! Police Cadets & members of Horsham’s Neighbourhood Policing team worked tirelessly to make sure he looked like a suitable new recruit to the force. He already has a famous fan - Julie Walters, who signed him!

Post-medieval pot

Post-medieval pot

Billy is owned by Bill’s Restaurant and was created by all of the staff at Bill’s Horsham. The design resembles Bill’s Restaurant with it’s quirkiness and all the great history of The Old Horsham Town Hall. Billy is a smart, quirky, fun giraffe, dressed in Morning suit and Top Hat and loves pets... therefore he naturally supports the RSPCA.

Crates Local Produce created Sally, aptly named as she is raising funds for the Salvation Army. She is delightfully hand painted by Juli Stone. As a stained glass artist who also teaches this traditional skill and has even appeared on BBC, Juli has used her talents to adorn Sally with all manner of Local Produce that can be sourced from around Sussex. Juli was assisted by traditional sign writer Wendy Ray. Signed by Great British Bake Off’s Cat Dresser, Sally would be a beautiful addition in any environment.

Other giraffes that could be yours by bidding in the ten-day auction on ebay include Siyabonga - commissioned by Mr Simms Olde Worlde Sweet Shop in Horsham and painted by the children of Kingslea Primary School to raise funds for Coco’s Foundation; and the colourful Sourcey who reflects the taste of it’s owners Chris & Sylvie Holt who own Horsham’s contemporary interiors shop La Source, East Street, Horsham who are raising money for children’s hospice Chestnut Tree House.

All the giraffes on offer, each supporting a different charity would make great Christmas presents or magnificent additions to any home or office.

Visit Facebook page Horsham Giraffe Trail for all the latest information and how to bid for your giraffe.