Horsham friends shave their heads to raise money for charity

Cheyenne O'Sullivan (left) and Amy Hills (Right) after the head shave.jpg
Cheyenne O'Sullivan (left) and Amy Hills (Right) after the head shave.jpg

Two friends from Roffey have shaved off all their hair in a bid to raise money for charity.

Amy Hills, 21, and Cheyenne O’Sullivan, 19, decided to remove their hair to raise money for Cancer Research UK and help promote the cause in the area.

The pair completed the shave on Friday July 18 with help from friends and family and between them have raised more than £80 for the cause with donations still coming in.

Both girls’ came up with the idea of the headshave after deciding they wanted to do something a bit different from your average charity drive.

Amy said: “I have already done the race for life.

“This was just something totally different. I wanted to raise money for people. I am still getting donations from people now. I am very happy with what I have done.”

The cause is close to both the girls’ hearts but Amy especially has a close link with the charity.

She said: “I have done this for Cancer Research because it is close to my heart and because it runs in the family and I wanted to do something for Research UK.

“I am happy I did this because I am helping others that need help. I am still getting used to my new hair but my hair was a mess anyway and now I can grow it back nicer.”

So far Amy has collected a total of £55 from the shave with the aim of raising £150 for Cancer Research UK.

Friend Cheyenne has also set herself the target of rasing £150 for the cause and after the shave a couple of weeks ago her total is up to £30.

She said “I really wanted to help out people who need our help. I feel this is a good charity and not many people my age would do this for such a good cause but I wanted to do this.

“I absolutely loved it and I am very very pleased I did it.”

One thing that Cheyenne doesn’t seem to miss is her old hair and said that she loves her new style.

“I really love it,” she said

“People ask me do I miss my old hair and I say no I don’t. I think it’s awesome.”

Both girls are happy with what they have achieved and have had a lot of support from their family and friends

Amy, as well as rasing money for charity, is also expecting twins and her partner Matt Brierley has said how proud he is of her for doing this charity drive.

He said: “I’m really really proud of her for doing this especially with everything that is going on at the moment.

“It shows she is not only thinking about herself but that she is thinking of others.

“Many other girls would not cut their hair for charity and I think she has been really brave.

“She’s really happy she did it and I’m really happy as well.”

Currently neither of the girls have any more plans to do more fundraisers for charity but you can still donate to both on their Justgiving pages. To donate visit www.justgiving.com/AmyHills0501 or www.justgiving.com/cheyennemillis1504