Horsham dog owners not picking up their pets’ poo is ‘disgusting’

JPCT 040613 S13230626x Roffey, Manor Fields,  dog fouling issue. Steve with Tia -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 040613 S13230626x Roffey, Manor Fields, dog fouling issue. Steve with Tia -photo by Steve Cobb

Dog mess found in green spaces and pavements near to schools in the Roffey area has attracted complaints from residents.

Young children and parents walking to school are having to ‘dodge’ the dog fouling left by early morning dog walkers not cleaning up after their pets.

Complaints focused on Manor Fields off Crawley Road, a relatively secluded green space, but dog poo was reported to be a problem in playing fields surrounding the main road from the Spooner’s Road up to the Harwood Road junction.

Steve Scharmann of Manor Fields, the owner of Tia the Jack Russel Terrier pictured above, said in a letter to the County Times: “Horsham park is almost spotless as people are aware there lots of people around to challenge them, but on Manor Field open space it’s treated differently.

“There are two dog bins and they are emptied regularly so there is no excuse for this lazy, disgusting behaviour.”

He later added: “If someone’s going to own a big dog it’s a responsibility isn’t it?”

Mother Emma Brotherton, whose children attend local schools, Northolmes and Littlehaven, said: “I’ve seen it in grass verges and parks near the schools. It’s a big issue.

“It’s the owners but the council could crack down on it. I know a lot of mothers have complained.”

Brad Patel, 46, owner of Chirag Newsagents & Groceries on Crawley Road, said he found dog mess on the pavement near his shop many times in the early morning.

He said: “It’s very annoying to be honest and the council is half responsible. They should fine them heavily so other people think twice.”

However, Janet Gregory, of Forest Close, who said she keeps an eye on dog-owners as an ex-dog owner herself, credited the council for putting up dog poo bins in the area.

She said: “It’s disgusting but it was really bad before the bins were put out. It’s better now than it ever was.”

Signs put up by HDC in the area offer a monetary reward for any information leading to an offending dog owner.

The council has called the offending dog owners ‘irresponsible’ but also confirmed it has not issued a Fixed Penalty Notice with a maximum penalty of £1,000 within the last year.

In a statement released to the County Times the council said it was willing to increase monitoring in areas highlighted as being blighted by dog fouling.

And it would take a firmer line following a more ‘educational’ approach involving offering bags to dog-owners.

A spokesperson said: “There is adequate provision for owners to dispose of faeces responsibly, however it’s unfortunate that not everyone chooses to act responsibly.”

Dog fouling can be reported to supervisorsparking@horsham.gov.uk or call 01403 733144