Horsham district running track set for school

S12290086X Tanbridge House school students, jump for joy, new running facilities to be located at school site -photo by Steve Cobb
S12290086X Tanbridge House school students, jump for joy, new running facilities to be located at school site -photo by Steve Cobb

Horsham District Council is working with Tanbridge House School to explore the feasibility of delivering a new £1.2million replacement athletics track for the district on the school site.

Positive early discussions have already taken place and a proposal was put to the school governors recently and they are keen to engage in further talks.

For the community this has many benefits of being in close proximity to the existing facility at Broadbridge Heath and being easily accessible for all Horsham District residents as Tanbridge House School is located in Horsham town.

For the school this presents a fantastic sporting opportunity to complement the existing good quality facilities already provided at the site.

The track would provide all year round access to a quality running and athletics facility, not only for Tanbridge but for the whole community of local schools.

Early studies have shown there is sufficient space to accommodate a new athletics track.

There will need to be several investigations and viability tests required before certainty is reached, but the joint aim is to press ahead with these studies and conclude whether it is feasible. 

Bob Dulieu, chair of school governors at Tanbridge House School, said: “We believe that this exciting development provides another significant opportunity for Tanbridge House to remain at the heart of Horsham district’s vibrant community.

“It is a wonderful chance not only for the school but for our many partners in the area.

“We will seek to maximise the potential in sporting excellence that the new track will undoubtedly bring.”

Leader of Horsham District Council, Ray Dawe said: “Developing a new running track in Horsham will be a fantastic result for the school, and for the wider community.

“Locating the new facility at the school will see regular use during the day by local children and will help to nurture their sporting talents.

“In the evenings and holidays the facilities will be available for community use.   

“Whilst the project is still at an early stage we are extremely pleased to have the support of the school governors to develop and deliver our shared vision.”

Jonathan Chowen, cabinet member for arts, heritage and leisure at Horsham District Council, added: “I welcome this great opportunity to develop high performance athletics with a local school giving youngsters and the sports clubs new first class facilities which maximises usage and is still conveniently close to the town and other sports facilities.”