Hopaway duo safely back in their home

A SEARCH party was launched after two baby bunnies escaped from their home while their owners enjoyed a break in Spain.

Unfortunately Gizmo and Boomer were not delivering Easter eggs but instead making a mad dash to a nearby car park.

The drama was first reported on the social networking site facebook.

The bunnies’ owner Kerry Anthony was on holiday in Spain but was fortunate enough to be online at just the right time.

Ms Anthony said: “I just happened to see my neighbour Geoff had posted something on the Horsham facebook group, so being nosey I read it and it said that two bunnies had been wandering about in Hardy Close and he had managed to get hold of one and it was in his garden.”

Ms Anthony rang her brother, who was staying at her house. He checked on the bunnies, realised they had disappeared and began searching for them.

She added: “I was beside myself with worry and wondered what I could do.”

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