Homes proposed for South Downs

Horsham Advertiser pictures 2013 ENGSUS00120130503091336
Horsham Advertiser pictures 2013 ENGSUS00120130503091336

Planning applications for multiple homes in Ashington and Upper Beeding have been submitted to Horsham District Council (HDC) this month.

This comes in light of residents across the South Downs who say they feel overwhelmed by the number of development proposals and appeals currently underway to satisfy the government’s land supply demand.

Developer Kier Group has proposed to build 43 homes on land south of Ashington House in London Road, Ashington. The council is still awaiting an outline application. Two proposals have also been submitted by developer Rydon Homes Ltd at Pound Lane in Upper Beeding - one for 35 homes and another for 30 homes. The council is still awaiting an outline application for each.

Many villages and towns in the South Downs are facing new developments including 160 homes approved in Henfield, 79 homes approved in Washington and 103 homes approved in Pulborough to name a few this year.

Furthermore, planning applications refused by HDC have been appealed successfully through the government’s Planning Inspectorate.

Currently, a 75 Storrington home plan is to go to appeal after developer Barton Willmore contested HDC’s decision.

In the meantime, parish councils are formulating their Neighbourhood Plans, allowing residents to decide where future developments can be located.