Homeowner frustration at pothole road danger

The state of Lambs Farm Road in Roffey, North Horsham, has incensed those who live there.
The state of Lambs Farm Road in Roffey, North Horsham, has incensed those who live there.

A POTHOLED road will cause a serious accident sooner rather than later, Horsham homeowners have warned the county council.

Residents of Roffey’s Lambs Farm Road spoke of their anger and frustration at West Sussex County Council for treating the state of their road like a box-ticking exercise.

Julie Barker, of Lambs Farm Road, said that WSCC had responded by filling in a pothole outside her home, only to ignore a similar crack in the road just feet away.

She said: “They have been patching it up for 25 years, and it’s never been done properly. We keep telling them but there’s no plan to resurface.

“We get traffic at 3am going up and down the main road through the street and they do not want to know.”

She and others pointed out that HGVs and trucks used the route, and that weight restriction signs had been removed years before.

West Sussex County Council says it has 30 teams repairing 500 potholes daily, and aims to fill in a reported pothole within 28 days.

The required intervention depth is 40mm, with potholes of 100mm given priority.

Roger Thompson, also of Lambs Farm Road, described the condition of the road as a disgrace.

He said: “It would take a fatality to do something. West Sussex County Council do not think there is a problem in Lambs Farm Road.”

He added that some of the holes were large enough to cause a motorcyclist to go over the handlebars, while another resident described how she had tripped over while crossing the road.

Meanwhile a reader contacted the County Times on Facebook to say that potholes in Roffey’s Church Road had caused her three punctures.

This comes as West Sussex County Council announced its annual £3m county-wide road maintenance programme this week, dressing damaged road surfaces.

A spokesperson for West Sussex County Council said that they were looking at isolated patch repairs and total resurfacing.

They added that the road could be surfaced as early as 2013/2014 depending on funding.