Homelessness app launched

A HOMELESSNESS charity near Horsham has launched a free mobile phone app to help homeless people access the services they need.

The Amber Homeless Helper, set up by Amber which has a base at Ockley, helps people concerned about homelessness find support and resources within a chosen radius of where they are in the UK.

The app allows them to choose what kind of help they need as well as use a map feature to find where the help is available with directions to find the way by car, bus or walking.

Chief Executive Charles Drew said: “We have often found that many homeless people and the professionals working with them are unaware of the many places offering support in the country today.

“As the majority of homeless people Amber supports have mobile phones we felt that a free app was an effective way of helping to signpost charities and other organisations offering services.”

At the charity’s centre in Ockley, young unemployed people are given the time and support to rebuild their lives and build their self-confidence and self-esteem so they are motivated to seek employment.

Amber recognises that for many there are reasons why they are unemployed and it works with the young people to help address these issues.

The app is available on Android and Apple phones and is free to download.