Holistic support for anyone in need

Lisa Burrell and John Robson at the Ark Horsham. Photo by Derek Martin
Lisa Burrell and John Robson at the Ark Horsham. Photo by Derek Martin

Ark director and co-founder Lisa Burrell is one of many who work with people through their troubles step by step.

She said the charity takes an holistic approach to helping people deal with all sorts of life issues they struggle with varying from mental and physical health, unemployment and addictions to relationships with friends and family, home life, hobbies and training and plans for the future.

She said: “What we think is an issue they might not, so we work with them to sort out issues as they want to.

“Each topic is quite deep. We look at ‘staying safe’ which includes self harm and being a good neighbour, statutory orders and court fines.

“Dreams and aspirations look at confidence, self esteem and communication.

“We also look at life skills, for example we had someone come in a teach people how to change a fuse.

“Sometimes people are banned from supermarkets, but then they can’t eat.

“We work with supermarkets, for example had one person arranged to go in once a week and meet someone and now they are able to do their shop. Going through the form can take two or three sessions. There’s heavy stuff in there.

“After the assessment we will agree what we will do, they will agree what they will do to get through it and it’s a working document.”

Jon Robson was there this week getting help filling in a benefit form. He said: “I’ve always struggled with depression and I can always come here and have a chat.

“You can talk openly here. Lisa’s helped me get back into voluntary work. I’ll do anything; I’ve done chef work in the past. I’m not worried about the money. It’s about getting my self esteem back and having that back up support.”