‘Historic’ Horsham artwork given £1m price tag by agent

I Kicked a Stone by William Bill Hudson
I Kicked a Stone by William Bill Hudson

Burning a significant portion of his life’s work may see a Horsham artist become a millionaire as his work using the ashes is put up for sale.

‘I Kicked a Stone’ by William Bill Hudson, 69, was created after he burned 40 of his own pieces of artwork and used the ashes for a new project back in April.

It will be displayed at Mercedes Benz World in Surrey at a company event this Friday July 13, but the County Times was given an exclusive look at the finished piece.

Vernon Holt, Bill’s agent, called the work historic, after he scoured the art world for any evidence that this had been done before.

He said: “It’s been done out of anger, but I’m not aware of anyone intentionally burning their art to create a new work.

“Hopefully we get to the stage when people are talking about this all around the world.”

Bill’s time capsule is an attempt to capture what he says represents a thousand cumulative years of his work, as most of it dated from the 1970s and 1980s.

The ashes, which contain flecks of blue from the effects of the fire, are presented in a glass box made to Bill’s specifications.

Originally he was set on a drawing, but changed his mind after a late-night revelation.

The idea behind the name is that when a child kicks a stone, he does not know exactly which direction it will travel, because it is an irregular shape and may shoot off in any direction, a metaphor for the work’s creation.

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