Help improve my daughter’s quality of life says Horsham mother

Sophie Nugent
Sophie Nugent

A mother of three says she is desperate to raise money to help transform the quality of life for her youngest daughter.

The girl has Cerebral Palsy and up to three epileptic seizures every day.

The Nugent family moved into their home two years ago with every intention to adapt the space, making it more accommodating for the young girl.

But extortionate prices mean they have had to apply for grants and call on the community for help.

Mrs Nugent says: “We have raised an amazing £17,000 with a few grants and fundraising.

“So with the Disabled Facilities Grants (DFG) that’s £48,000 raised.

“We have quite a large house, but it is unsuitable for Sophie.

“We can’t get the wheelchair in the front door so we need to carry her through it.

“The front room is the resting place. I get her upstairs by picking her up, but it is not practical. It is not safe for her and I. She could have a seizure at any moment.

“My daughter just wants to be independent.

“She can walk around leaning on the walls on a good day but there isn’t anywhere for her to go as everything of hers is upstairs.

“She is soon to be a teenager and is getting frustrated as she doesn’t have her own personal space.”

The DFG has provided at least £30,000 to support the family.

However, they will not release the money until all the cash is raised to complete the job.

At least £15,000 is still needed in addition to the other cash.

Young Sophie had an operation in the USA at five-years-old as she was unable to walk.

The surgery was a success meaning Sophie was able to use her legs after daily physiotherapy.

Over a two year period the youngster was able to jog, run and dance.

But from seven Sophie’s epilepsy escalated, severely impacting her life.

Deterioration means she is now back in a wheelchair.

Mrs Nugent says she is grateful for help, but is worried about missing the target.

She says: “The adaptations would make a massive difference to all of our lives.

“We would love to get the work done as soon as possible.

“If anyone can help it would make a massive impact on not just Sophie’s life but the whole family.”

Sophie is described as a big character determined not to allow anything to effect her.

The family have an autistic son, Jay Nugent, 16, living under the same roof with dad Peter, 37.

Their daughter Daisy, 20, doesn’t live at home.

Cerebral palsy is a group of lifelong conditions affecting co-ordination and movement, caused by an issue with the brain occurring before, during or soon after birth.