Help an aspiring psychologist

Parents and teachers are needed to help an aspiring psychologist from Horsham achieve her dream.

23-year-old Amanda Pickering is within reach of a first class Masters degree in Psychology but desperately needs teachers and parents of primary and secondary school students to help by anonymously participating in her survey before July 13.

The University of Surrey postgraduate student is studying MSc Forensic Psychology and writing her dissertation on schools’ disciplinary systems aiming to highlight the factors that teachers feel are important in enabling a positive and effective school environment. 

“I would be extremely grateful for any respondents,” Amanda said, “I have chosen a subject that requires a very specific target group and now the result of my Masters is dependent on responses as I need about 100 and only have 14 so far!

“On behalf of myself and the University of Surrey, thank you very much in advance for your time.” 

Amanda’s survey takes 20-25 minutes to complete. Find it at or for more information contact Amanda Pickering on