Slinfold business helps to support stammering awareness day

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Today (Wednesday October 22) marks international stammering awareness day and a Slinfold based company is helping to support the cause.

The Seraphina Mind Studio, which helps people who suffer with stammers and anxiety, is donating 20 per cent of the money made from a course it ran last year to the British Stammering Association.

The studio, in Stane Street, ran the ‘speak freely for stammerers programme’ last January and has decided to give the money to the charity to celebrate international stammering awareness day as well as supporting a cause they are heavily involved with.

Penny Michaels, who runs The Seraphina Mind Studio, said: “Not enough attention is given to stammering in the area.

“The unique blend of services and programs we offer here at Seraphina Mind Studio enables our clients to break through personal barriers where previous attempts have failed.

“The results are often life changing for the person and their families.”

There are currently around 500,000 stammers in the UK and around 80% of adults who stammer are men.

More than 5% of children under 5 years old go through a phase of stammering at some stage of their speech and language development and up to a quarter of these children are at serious risk of developing a persistent stammer.

The studio is offering a new ‘speak freely for stammerers’ group course in January, which includes both group and one to one therapy.

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