Personal trainer gets our reporters into shape

Get ready for celebrity personal trainer, Matt Robert’s new workout programme, ‘Training with You’, brought right to your living room.

Becky Wells, one of Matt Robert’s very own expert trainers, has the challenging task of getting West Sussex into tip-top shape and she’s starting with the team at the County Times.

“I think the whole country has a weight problem, West Sussex included.” Becky admitted.

“We rely on conveniences, so we do drive everywhere rather than walk. We’ve become a nation that would rather use fitness computer games, but we need a lot more than that.”

Four self-admitted unfit reporters, Jasmin, Mark, Greig and myself, are sacrificing ninety minutes of our time each week to try out Matt’s strict but fun fitness regime and discover his secret to a healthier lifestyle.

Watch our workout video to see how ‘week one’ went - the team will keep you updated over the next six weeks and hopefully we will see some slimming, muscular results.

Read the full story in the January issue of etc magazine - coming soon.