It’s official: people live longer in West Sussex

Hastings and Eastbourne web pictures
Hastings and Eastbourne web pictures

PEOPLE in West Sussex are living longer than those in many other parts of the UK.

A new website launched by Public Health England shows the variation nationwide in early death rates.

It shows local information on early deaths from major killers such as heart disease, stroke and cancer, and how it varies across the area and the country.

The website uses a traffic-light rating system and shows areas with below average early death rates as green and those with relativelyhigh rates as red.

Premature mortality - that is deaths under the age of 75 - is closely linked to deprivation. West Sussex is a relatively affluent county, and as such, in the tables, has lower rates than average.

The figures show that from 2009 to 2011 the county was ranked 23 out of 150 local authority areas.

West Sussex County Councilcabinet member for community wellbeing Christine Field said: “Overall life expectancy is increasing in West Sussex, but we cannot be complacent. Our lifestyle choices and factors play a big part in life expectancy.

“Our Wellbeing website provides information and support for anyone wanting to change their lifestyle, for example healthy living and stopping smoking.”

The main causes of early death rates in West Sussex were heart disease and stroke, cancer, lung disease and liver disease.

In West Sussex, as nationally, rates of liver disease have increased over the last decade. The three main causes of liver disease – alcohol misuse, obesity and undiagnosed infection – are largely preventable.

Alcohol misuse can also cause a number of other life-threatening conditions such as stroke and cancer, and in West Sussex hospital admissions related to alcohol continue to rise.

The West Sussex Wellbeing website has a range of information on health and wellbeing for residents, including advice on stopping smoking or reducing alcohol intake.

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