Hypnobirthing open evening for expecting Horsham mums

JPCT 180314 S14120875x Horsham hypnotherapist Nicole Wetherell -photo by Steve Cobb SUS-140318-143732001
JPCT 180314 S14120875x Horsham hypnotherapist Nicole Wetherell -photo by Steve Cobb SUS-140318-143732001

Expecting Horsham mums preparing for their baby’s birth can attend an open evening on hypnotherapy for childbirth next month.

Nicole Wetherell, who started Horsham-based AbsoluteU around a year ago, will hold the free open evening on Wednesday April 16 at 7pm for mums who want to find out more about hypnobirthing.

The sessions aim to help shorten labour, decrease the use of medication for pain relief, reduce post-operative effects, and prepare mums for emotions and feelings throughout and after the birth of the child.

Before starting her training as a hypnotherapist Nicole was a bank manager for 10 years and also worked in engineering.

Nicole, 44, said: “With this it’s a passion to help people, it’s about the outcome.

“It’s amazing what I have seen with the use of hypnotherapy, how it can change people’s lives.

“That’s what drives me, to see that change. It’s not about me it’s what you can do to help other people.”

She usually runs a course of five sessions lasting around an hour-and-a-half each.

A mum of two herself she wishes she had done hypnobirthing before, as she had two difficult births.

The sessions can also help post-labour and also assist with postnatal depression, as during her own training Nicole’s mentor did sessions about her emotions relating to her childbirth.

She said that a client who had just given birth to her third child last week had just been in touch to thank her for her work.

Nicole said: “She was so calm through the whole thing. It shortened the birth and she could go home with the baby the next day.

“I love the feedback. I always say to my mums to contact me afterwards and every single one of them has been positive so that’s another thing for me, that I want them to be aware of how powerful it can actually be.”

Hypnobirthing is not just for first time mums, as Nicole says the knowledge of previous births can often cause anxiety and make subsequent births more difficult.

She explained: “With childbirth it’s the anxiety and hypnobirthing can take away the anxiety and you work with the body and the baby, and by relaxing the muscles, you relax and the birth becomes easy.

“When you tense up that’s what makes the labour and the birth a bit harder.”

For more information or to register an interest in the open evening call 07909992635 or email info@absoluteu.co.uk