Horsham shoppers to see the reality of drink driving

SHOPPERS will come face to face with the reality of drink driving in Horsham on Friday.

The Young Person’s Alcohol Initiative is teaming up with West Sussex County Council’s road safety team to host an alcohol awareness event at the Broadbridge Heath Tesco, Wickhurst Lane, on Friday November 18, from 4pm to 7pm.

The event, held as West Sussex marks Alcohol Awareness Week, raises awareness of the dangers of too much alcohol.

People will be able speak to the Horsham young person’s alcohol worker, get advice and information, and find out more about the support available locally.

Parents and carers will also be able to get advice on young people’s alcohol use, what to do if they are concerned that a loved one is drinking too much, and get information about the help available through the project and other services in the area.

In addition, West Sussex County Council’s road safety officer will be exhibiting their ‘Crash Car’ which demonstrates the stark reality of what can happen if you get behind the wheel after too much alcohol.

It highlights the stark issues and consequences around drink-driving. The team will also be at hand to provide information and advice.

Horsham Police are supporting this event and PCSOs from the local area will also be attending and available for people to speak to about any concerns regarding alcohol in the community.

The Horsham young person’s alcohol worker is a 2 year pilot scheme established in a partnership of Sussex Central YMCA, Horsham District Council and Horsham Matters to introduce an alcohol intervention initiative with the aims of reducing children / young people’s: alcohol consumption, alcohol related hospital admissions, alcohol related anti social behaviour / public placed violent crime.

For more information about the event or the Horsham Young Person’s Alcohol Initiative, please contact:

Jo Brewster by calling 07557 855780 or 01403 213400, or via email jo.brewster@sussexcentral.ymca.org.uk.