Hold your nose - mystery smell hangs over Horsham

Have you noticed the smell in Horsham?
Have you noticed the smell in Horsham?

Mystery surrounds an unpleasant smell wafting across Horsham today (Thursday September 22).

Residents have taken to social media to complain about the odour that has been all too obvious in the town centre this morning.

Suggestions are manure or slurry being put on fields in the area.

However, it seems that this is not a localised problem.

A Storrington resident commented that there was an unpleasant pong in the village yesterday.

And even across the county border in Portsmouth yesterday there were comments about a smell similar to pig manure which had dissipated by late afternoon.

Back in March the County Times reported on another mystery smell which was particuarly strong in East Street, Horsham.

At the time a number of shop owners complained that it was wafting into their premises and annoying shoppers.

Horsham District Council is asking people complaining about the current smell to “email our environmental health team with more info so they can look into it publichealth.licensing@horsham.gov.uk”.