EXCLUSIVE: Impaled boy reveals his ordeal

Kyle Otto with mum Lisa-Jayne Campbell and owner of Bliss Bikes Scott Hargrave
Kyle Otto with mum Lisa-Jayne Campbell and owner of Bliss Bikes Scott Hargrave

A 12-YEAR-OLD boy who was impaled on a bike handlebar speaks of his ‘scary and worrying’ ordeal.

Kyle Otto, of Partridge Green, was left horrifically injured while with a friend in woodland off South Street in the village.

In an exclusive interview with the County Times, mum Lisa-Jayne Campbell, 47, said the handlebar grips on Kyle’s bike kept slipping so he took them off.

The Steyning Grammer School pupil suffered a fractured pelvis after he rode over a small sand mound and the back wheel came out from under him on Thursday June 2.

The handlebar ‘sliced’ through the youngster, with Lisa adding, ‘it would have gone right through him if it hadn’t hit his pelvic bone’.

Speaking of his ordeal, Kyle said: “It was really scary and worrying at the same time.

“The handle bar went into me when I landed on the floor and I looked at my T-shirt and it had a massive hole in it.

“And then I looked down and my guts and insides were coming out.

“If somebody else goes through this it’s not a very nice experience.

“There’s a lot of people who take their grips off and you shouldn’t do that. You need to buy new grips, proper grips, and make sure they’re put on properly.

“Before you start riding a bike I would say to get all the proper padding and a helmet, and even get a chest plate.”

On Saturday June 25 Kyle and his mum made a visit to Partridge Green Village Fete, where local company Bliss Bikes gave away free handlebar grips.

Owner Scott Hargrave said: “I think everyone’s really keen to get the message out there and learn from Kyle’s accident.

“It’s part of what we do in any service but the incident highlights the importance of handle bar grips.

“Kids will be kids and it’s extreme what’s happened to him but it’s good to see him on the mend and eager to spread the word about the dangers.”

The youngster will also receive a bike ‘makeover as a get-well gift from UpGrade Bikes in Partridge Green.

Lisa-Jayne Campbell said: “He is fine as can be but when it comes to doing chores he seems to need more time to recover.”

“Although he’s recovering well he is very cautious about doing things that could possibly cause further injury.

“He is managing to walk short distances without too much discomfort although it tires him out quite quickly.

“He has been to school for just two hours, but had a lovely welcome by all his friends and the staff have been very supportive.

“Our friends and neighbours and everyone from Partridge Green have been wonderful.

“Kyle has received over 60 get-well cards and lots of little gifts which has cheered him up so much. He has great friends who have been keeping company either in person or on the Xbox which we truly appreciate.

“A special mention of thanks go to the team UpGrade Bikes in Partridge Green who are giving Kyle’s bike a makeover as a get-well gift, this should encourage him to get back on the saddle hopefully.”

She added: “Although I would personally be quite happy to wrap him up in industrial bubble wrap and keep him at home for the next ten years!”