Head to toe pampering

Nikki Cutler during the eye lash lift and tint treatment
Nikki Cutler during the eye lash lift and tint treatment

AFTER experiencing bountiful business since opening its doors less than three weeks ago, County Times reporter, Nikki Cutler, went to check out the vintage style beauty clinic on Station Road in Billingshurst: AM Beauty.

“Do you ever pamper yourself?” one fresh faced beautician asked me as I waited to be seen by the salon’s director, Michelle Wright.

“I get massages as a birthday treat sometimes,” I replied and suddenly felt as though I’d told her I’m homeless as a look of horror and sympathy streamed across her face.

From that moment they were determined to show me what I’ve missed.

Lying on the bed I couldn’t have felt more spoilt as three ladies worked to simultaneously administer two treatments, relaxing me to the point where I could barely reply to their liberally applied compliments.

While Michelle executed the incredibly delicate procedure of the eye lash lift and tint, a gel pedicure was softly taking place on my toes which involves the use of gel instead of varnish to create bright and shiny nails which last for four to six weeks.

After about 30 minutes of meticulous lash treatment, the two protective stickers were removed from my eye lids and the girls let out excited squeals.

A mirror was brought to my face. and I was stunned.

Michelle had skillfully curled, separated and tinted my lashes in a way which looked - and will look for eight to ten weeks - ‘striking and yet very natural’.

As I left the clinic Michelle cooed, “Enjoy your eye lashes!” and though I laughed in a way which suggested eye lashes can’t be enjoyed, I did attempt to utilise them to their full potential.

So I now understand being pampered is not just about getting pretty pink toe nails or big curly lashes, its about the new confident you that steps out the door and wants to flutter your eyelashes aggressively at every bewildered passer-by.

For more information on the new clinic which provides more than 20 treatments including semi-permanent make-up and pain free waxing, email info@ambeautyclinic.com or call 01403 782290.