Have you had trouble with Orange coverage?

Lintot square
Lintot square

After almost two months of poor network coverage in Southwater, one resident has urged customers to speak up if they want improvement.

Chris Taylor, of Cedar Drive, believes he knows why Orange mobile coverage has been poor since May 29.

He said: “The problem stems from a local mast close to Lintot Square in Southwater being de-commissioned on May 29 as part of the program of rationalising joint network coverage between Orange and T-Moblie.”

Mr Taylor was informed by Orange that the transmitter was ‘soft decommissioned’.

“In other words it has been turned off to gauge the customer response to the signal loss,” he said. “That means if enough people complain, it could be switched on again, but if only a handful of people report a problem, they will deem it to be acceptable.

“I would suggest that if the lack of signal is affecting customers, they should contact Orange and voice their problems before Orange permanently de-commission it.”

An Orange spokesperson said: “We are aware that a number of Orange customers in Southwater have reported a change in network coverage.

“We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and are currently doing all we can to investigate.

“We would advise customers that experience any coverage impact to contact customer services so that we can discuss their circumstances on a case by case basis.”

Orange customers can call 150 from their pay monthly phones or 450 from pay as you go phones. Or email customer.services@orange.co.uk