Harvest festival a wonderful celebration

part of the Harvest Festival celebrations
part of the Harvest Festival celebrations

William Penn School, Brooks Green Road, Coolham, celebrated its annual Harvest Festival.

Our children and their singing teacher, Mrs Tina Kear, had worked hard for many weeks before the festival to perfect their individual, whole school and whole community songs to make this a wonderful celebration for parents and carers.

The 2.15pm singing assembly was followed by a sale of produce, which had been donated by parents and carers in the morning prior to the event. Following the assembly parents and carers were invited to buy the produce, which

included: cakes, preserves, groceries, fruit, vegetables, and home baked bread. Our charity, Kids for Kids, will benefit from the funds raised.

The Kids for Kids Charity was created to help the children of Darfur who live in conditions which are beyond poverty.

Even small children walk miles across the desert for every drop of water, much of which is heavily polluted and leads to life threatening illnesses.

Annual incomes are as low as £50 a year. These children have never seen a toy, have no books, no bed, not even a blanket. They have little chance of education. Everything has to be paid for. There is no health care in the villages. There are no roads, no transport - you carry your child in your arms to a hospital , where there is no anaesthetic and where you have to pay for treatment - but you have no money.

Kids for Kids has been helping these children through their Goat Loan Project , which promotes sustainability by lending 6 goats to a family.

This means that the children have milk, often for the first time in their lives. After 2 years they pass on 6 offspring to another family. And so on.

In addition, any produce remaining from the sale was donated to the Crawley Open House, drop-in Day Centre, which provides a gateway to support services for those suffering the effects of homelessness, unemployment, loneliness, discrimination or other forms of social exclusion.

Pictured here, part of the Harvest Festival celebrations.