HALLOWEEN: Zombie family film in Henfield

JPCT 231013 S13420460x   Vikki and Lord Zion. Film-makers. Used Henfield extras -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 231013 S13420460x Vikki and Lord Zion. Film-makers. Used Henfield extras -photo by Steve Cobb

A few pasty-faced undead were spotted wandering Henfield this month in a new film that will see a friendly zombie family trying to fit into society.

Written, co-directed, produced and starring Crawley resident Lord Zion, along with producer and co-star Vikki Spit - the real life couple (and members of band ‘Spit Like This’) launched production on ‘Meet The Cadavers’ on October 19 at Henfield’s Blacklands Farm Campsite.

“Everyone seems to like zombie films and stuff, but I like to do things a bit differently,” said Zion. “So I liked the idea of completely turning the concept of a zombie movie on its head and having the public be the bad guys.”

In the film, the unconventional family venture out to Blacklands Farm Campsite in Henfield for a holiday. Zion said he wanted a location that was a genuine, old-school campsite.

“It had bunting up, big signs that said ‘Carry on Camping’ and fibreglass cows.”

Set for release in 2014, Meet The Cadavers (co-directed by David Davies) will be the first in a series of films that has elements of ‘The Munsters’ and ‘The Adams Family’.

In this first instalment, the couple take their two children and a family friend to a holiday campsite for some respite, frivolity and socialising, but their week takes a turn for the worse when the ghoulish group attend a Halloween fancy dress party.

“The zombies are the nice people and it’s everyone else that gives them abuse because Hollywood has given zombies a bad name, but they’re actually a really nice loving family.”

With a crew hailing from East and West Sussex, the low-budget feature is a labour of love that also includes a celebrity appearance from Big Brother winner Pete Bennett.

Zion plays father, Victor Cadaver, who is described as a happy-go-lucky zombie.

“He doesn’t completely understand his kids, but he loves them and looks after them, and likes spending time with his wife, Kelly.”

Kelly Cadaver is played by Vikki, who is described as the boss of the family.

Vikki said: “She makes sure everyone is in the right place at the right time, which is exactly what I’m like in the band.”

The cast and crew will be returning to Henfield’s Blacklands Farm on November 9 and 10, so if you would like to be an extra email cast@meetthecadavers.com. The team is also currently looking for a local social club to film the all-important Halloween party.

For more details visit meetthecadavers.com, facebook.com/meetthecadavers or Tweet @MeetTheCadavers