Halloween fund raiser

By Phillipa Payne

AS HALLOWEEN looms a vampire and a witch plot to raise money for charity as opposed to casting spells and playing Trick or Treat.

Four-year-old Leo, and sister Sasha Geal, aged seven, both from Horsham, are hosting a fancy dress ‘Happy Halloween’ party on Saturday October 29 at Roffey Millennium Hall, Horsham, to support Help The Aged this Winter.

They are concerned that elderly people do not receive enough support or presents during the festive season and want to raise funds via £5 ticket sales.

The party is set to be a young child’s dream: a bouncy castle and disco to start, followed by an endless supply of cake, sweets and party games to finish.

Leo and Sasha have saved their pocket money for the past few months to contribute to the evening’s success and their mother, Lynne, is incredibly impressed by their efforts.

She said: “They’re so excited to help people less fortunate than themselves and they’ve been doing everything they can to sell tickets, from informing fellow pupils at Holbrook Primary School, to sending me to the local newspaper!”

It seems that Lynne has passed on her charitable streak to her children – when she was a teenager she worked as a volunteer at an elderly persons home in Ifield to support those in need.

For more information contact Lynne Geal on 07763289889.