Group launched to improve standards of care for the elderly

Claire Butler with Amanda Waring at the  Launch of Dignity in Care in West Sussex S12160519a
Claire Butler with Amanda Waring at the Launch of Dignity in Care in West Sussex S12160519a

A COUNTYWIDE group dedicated to ensuring elderly people dignified end of life care met was launched this week.

The West Sussex Local Involvement Network (LINk) held their first meeting of a new dignity in care network on Monday supported by actress Amanda Waring, who has been campaigning for better care for the elderly after seeing her mother, actress Dorothy Tutin die in hospital in 2001.

Dignity in Care development officer Claire Butler said: “West Sussex Dignity Wave is about engaging all people who work in care homes, nursing homes and care agencies.

“It about raising the profile of Dignity in Care, shouting out loud the work that’s being done about dignity in care and setting up a network for all the ‘Dignity Champions’ in the area.

“The network is also so [care providers] have somewhere to go to talk about all the tricky issues around dignity and it’s going to be a forum where they can share ideas and skills and raise the standards of dignity in care.

“Today is about kicking the network off, getting a good start and telling everybody about it.”

“For me dignity in care is about seeing beyond care needs and recognising people as individuals even if they are not always able to articulate them.”

Ms Waring who has been campaigning for years for better care for the elderly was one of the speakers at the launch day.

Before the meeting she said: “When [my mother] died, I was so shocked about the care she received that I felt fuelled to make a film in memory of her to raise awareness about the importance of dignity in care.

“I am here today because in the past six years I have worked tirelessly to promote dignity in care initiatives.

“It’s vital during these times where there is so much negativity expressed about the care of the elderly that a balance is restored to show they are committed to changing care and this momentum will only gain greater ground with the awareness raising at today’s event which I whole-heartedly applaud.”

Her film ‘What Do You See?’ starring Virginia McKenna has been viewed all over the world as a result of her commitment to the cause.

She has developed a training pack for care providers and also written a book called ‘The Heart of Care’, which is due to go on sale next month.

Claire said: “Amanda’s just an inspiration and a real motivator, It gets people talking about it and it’s great to have her locally.”

For more information about the West Sussex Dignity Wave of West Sussex LINk contact or 01403 276601.

To find out more about Ms Waring’s training course go to