Global experiences in the classroom

Castlewood School, Southwater
Castlewood School, Southwater

Castlewood School at Southwater had some exciting visitors recently when Zoolab came to see the pupils in Years 3 and 4.

These students are basing their studies this term around the Rainforest and wanted to learn about the creatures that live there.

Sadly a visit to the rainforest was too expensive so the next best thing was Zoolab who brought with them a variety of snakes, rats and giant snails.

The children learned about their habitat and were able to handle the creatures under strict supervision, of course.

Aliya, aged 7, said, “The snake was awesome! I thought it would be slimy but it was very dry.”

Years 5 and 6 are studying China this term and a group of Chinese experts based in Brighton visited the school to help the children understand what life in modern day China is like.

The pupils cooked Chinese spring rolls by cooking fresh vegetables and chicken and rolling them in special pastry. They learned some Kung Fu moves, performed a Chinese Lion Dance and practised using chopsticks until they were perfect. They also studied some aspects of the Chinese language and traditions.

Rory, aged 11, commented, “The spring rolls were lovely, no - heavenly!”

Lauren Brown, deputy head, said: “It’s experiences like these that bring school work to life and give our children such a rich experience.”