Girls learn valuable self-defence skills

Self-defence session at Farlington SUS-161201-130154001
Self-defence session at Farlington SUS-161201-130154001

Farlington Sixth Formers have recently undertaken a short course in self-defence in their Friday afternoon ‘fitness for life’ sessions.

Two instructors from SAMA Karate spent time with the girls teaching them valuable skills and strategies to help them should they ever find themselves under attack.

“We learnt several different skills and manoeuvres which would help us if we ever got into a dangerous situation for example being attacked from both front and side, being pinned to the ground and being dragged away,” said Isabelle Speight, Upper Sixth.

Rebecca Briggs, Upper Sixth, said: “We were paired up in order to practise these moves on each other and tried to imagine that we were in a real life situation.

“Whilst this was difficult at first we soon got over our initial giggles and began to really act out or play attacks, of course, always screaming ‘fire!’ Everyone thoroughly enjoyed these sessions and we are very grateful for this opportunity and know that we will take this important knowledge with us to university and beyond.”

Sara Whittaker, Director of PE and Games at Farlington, said: “These lessons are practical and important for the girls. It is all part of our wider aim to build the girls’ confidence whether it is on the hockey pitch or learning something, which hopefully they may never have to use, such as how to defend oneself.”

Report and picture contributed by Farlington School.