Girl raises charity money by making cards


A SIX year old from Horsham has raised over a hundred pounds by making cards.

Isla Harman, Red Deer Close, started making cards over the summer holidays to raise money for the Special Support Centre (SSC) for children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) at Desmond Anderson Primary School in Crawley.

ASD is a group of lifelong conditions that affect how a person communicates with and relates to other people, it includes autism and Asperger syndrome.

The Leechpool County Primary school pupil’s sister Fleur has ASD and had attended SSC until July, she is moving to QEII silver Jubilee School in Horsham.

Mum Clare, 35, said; “SSC has done so much for her sister Fleur and continue to support us as a family. The SSC also run an amazing young carers group for siblings of children with ASD and Aspergers of which Isla is part of. This provides vital respite time for her as life is tough at home for her.”

Clare added that she doesn’t really get to spend much one-to-one time with Isla, but when Fleur is out with her carer it is the perfect opportunity for the mother and daughter to spend time together and make cards.

“Isla just wanted to do something to say a huge thanks to all the amazing staff who support so many families and children living with ASD. So she decided to make cards to raise vital funds.

“Isla’s dedication and enthusiasm has been amazing.” Said Clare.

So far Isla has raised well over £150 and has even started to take orders from teachers, family and friends.

Clare added that they were all ‘very proud of her using her talents admirably and more importantly raising awareness of ASD’.