Girl, 5, strokes ahead of the rest

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A five-year-old girl from Itchingfield has claimed her 800m swimming badge, a considerable feat at such a young age.

Cissy Marlow, from Marlands in Itchingfield, a pupil at Pennthorpe School in Rudgwick, completed the feat at the end of November.

Having started swimming at five months of age, she is a few lengths ahead of the rest of her age group, who are currently aiming for their 25 metre badges.

The 800m swim took Cissy around 50 minutes, which she completed with Swim-1st, where she is taught by Lee Basset.

Her mum Rachel Marlow said: “It’s particularly unusual for a five-year-old to get 800 metres.

“She’s very keen on gymnastics too so she will continue to do swimming and gymnastics and then one will take over from the other.”

Cissy trains once a week.