GCSEs: Tears of joy for Millais pupils

Millais school results day
Millais school results day

There were tears of joy as pupils from Millais School in Horsham picked up their GCSE results earlier today.

With many fearing the worse after media reports this morning there was a sense of relief and ecstasy as students from the school collected their final results after years of hard work.

Rhona Baillie, 16, from Horsham, got A’s and A* across the board and was reduced to tears after finding out her results. She said: “I just can’t believe it. I was constantly getting B’s. I really wasn’t expecting it. Everybody on the news was saying we did really badly. I am really happy.”

Rhona now plans to go on and study at Hurstpierpoint College.

With 95 per cent of students achieving A* to C grades in English language and 87 per cent achieving the same in maths it has been a successful day for the school despite the disruption earlier on in the year.

Headteacher Leon Nettley said: “Despite the disruption caused by the fire it has been another great year for results with ‘core’ subjects leading the way.

“When combined with high results in other subjects it highlights our strengths across the board, even though there were changes to the examination structure this year.

“There were some outstanding individual results with a significant number of girls obtaining ten or more A*/A including head girl, Holly Schofield, who achieved 11 A*’s. We always set aspirational targets and I am delighted that pupils and staff have yet again risen to the challenge. Well done to everyone involved, brilliant effort.”

Holly, 16, from Roffey, said: “I’m a bit dazed to be honest. I was not expecting results like this. I am really happy and am happy to be able to collect these results with my friends.”

Simi Ramewal, 16, from Horsham, said: “I’m so happy and so relieved now. I have been dreading this all summer. I am so pleased with what I have got now.”

Simi is hoping to go on to study at Worth School in Turners Hill to study Maths, biology, chemistry and physics with the aim of one day working in the medical profession.

Rebecca Ried, 16, from Horsham, said: “I’m really happy about them. They are better than I expected. I couldn’t sleep last night. It nice to see everyone getting their results and looking happy.”

Tara Rawson,16, from Roffey, said: “I’m ecstatic. I can’t even believe it. I’m so happy with them. I put some serious leg work in and I got exactly what I wanted.”

Annabell Webber, 16, from Horsham, said: “I’m relieved more than anything. It was a lot of hard work and studying at the time. I’m really happy.”

Scarlet Eddie, 16, from Horsham, was up the night before her exams with friend Helen Chen revising.

Scarlet said: “I am really happy with what I got. We were up late on Skype doing some revision and testing each other and it paid off. I was having nightmares about these results but I’m happier now.”

Helen, 16, from Horsham, said: “It was a nice surprise getting all the results.”

Heather Suttie, 16, from Horsham, said: “I am so relieved. After five years of your life it all comes down to this. It is a good to get the grades you deserve. I am very happy.”

Stephanie Mcgeean, 16, from Horsham, said: “I am so happy. It was such a shock and I feel all the effort I have put in has paid off.”

Bella Norton, 16, from Horsham, said: “I’m very happy. Now we get to do it all again at college.”

Cleo Ward, 16, from Horsham, said: “I’m very happy. I am glad I have got my results.”