GCSEs: Millais and Forest seeing stars

Some of Millais' high achievers. From left: Beth Moran, Georgia Taylor, Megan Tranter and Constance Wraith
Some of Millais' high achievers. From left: Beth Moran, Georgia Taylor, Megan Tranter and Constance Wraith

Boys from Forest and girls from Millais School were bowled over to receive record results this morning.

Millais was proven to be a truly high class language school as one student achieved an A grade in her Chinese GCSE after just two years of studying the subject.

Georgia Taylor Aguilar, 16, of Rusper Road, explained how she managed to obtain such a high result.

“I think the Chinese trip I went on in October was really helpful. I also did the Chinese exchange so I had to speak Chinese a lot at home.

“I had doubts a few days before results, I was more nervous about the results than the actual exams!”

There was no need for nerves as Georgia received five A*, eight A’s and one B. One A* was in French and one A was in Latin and she has previously received an A* in a Spanish GCSE.

Mr Nettley, headteacher of Millais, is proud of the new subject.

“It’s a new course for us and we got a 100 per cent pass rate,” he said. “It’s been another record year. Last year was a record year and this year we’ve done even better again. Lots of girls got straight A’s.”

Megan Tranter, 16, of Dickins Way, was proud to show her results of ten A*, two A’s and two A’s in additional maths and science in society.

She said: “I was a bit worried last night and asking my parents, ‘if I get these results would you be annoyed with me?’ But it was better than I thought and I text them straight away.

“Additional maths was hard but it was a nice challenge to have.”

Constance Wraith, 16, the school’s ex head girl, received nine A*, three A’s and an A in additional maths. She explained that she may have worked a little too hard during her revision period.

“I came into school every day on study leave and either went to lessons or went to the library. I worked really hard in that time and at the end I was really nervous and got ill so I couldn’t take my first exam which was the one I had revised most for!

“But it’s all been worth it. I would have been happy with six A*.”

Forest pupils were equally pleased with fantastic results including the ex head boy, Hugh Turnbull, who achieved the highest result possible in all of his exams.

Hugh explained: “There was a bit of extra pressure on me as head boy because the head boy last year did extremely well but the teachers were brilliant and very supportive.”

Martin Furlepa, the ex deputy head boy, achieved 13 A* and A grades.

“I put in lots of hours,” he said. “My advice to pupils next year is to start revising early especially at what you’re bad at. For me that was English and I got two A’s.

“I revised with my friends which I found really helpful.”

Gareth Good, the assist headteacher, congratulated all the boys.

“Our boys have done fantastically well again due to; the hard work they put in over the five years they have been with us; and the hard work of the teachers; and the support of their parents.

“We try to balance out the pressure of exams with broad education and extra curricular activities but they put pressure on themselves because they have great aspirations.”