Gary bags his 30th feat with just minutes to spare

ON A CHILLY January day floating in the sea off Brighton beach back in 2010 Gary Marlow set himself the quest to complete 30 challenges by the time he turned 31-years-old.

This week he finished in fine style.

On Friday May 20 Gary completed his final two challenges for his Do30 Campaign.

At Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre he undertook challenge 29 - 30 ways to do 100m - and number 30 saw him perform 30 testing tasks for 30 seconds each.

The business manager told the County Times: “The Do30 challenges are finally over - a sense of relief but also pride that I completed my first goal of completing 30 challenges before my 31st birthday. It was so close, though - only 30 minutes to spare.

“The campaign is to engage people in achieving their own goals, not everyone can do a marathon or climb a mountain, so the slightly less physical challenges such as visiting 30 piers, or castles is perfect for those that enjoy travelling.

“To engage children - reading 30 books, 30 30-second challenges - there is something for everyone.

“I have a number of thanks for those that have helped along the way: Horsham Golf and Fitness, allowing me to hit 300 golf balls in 30 minutes; Southwater Cycles, providing a bike to ride to 30 pubs and Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre - providing the track to complete the 29th and 30th challenges.

“Above all, I wish to thank my wife. She’s endured the many hours spent away from the house.”

Gary’s next goal is to raise £300,000 for the 30 charities. You can donate at