Full council survey results revealed

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ARE RESIDENTS in the district satisfied with the way Horsham District Council runs things? 59 per cent of the near 100 survey respondents were satisfied, with 43 per cent agreeing that the council is well run.

From August 2011 residents were quizzed on the council, their local area, housing, community safety, environmental issues and information about council services. A selection of the findings were partly released in Horsham District News Magazine last week.

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The majority were satisfied or very satisfied with HDC on how you can recycle, refuse collection, parks and open spaces, keeping public land clear of litter and sports and leisure facilities.

However, indifference was also a strong theme with 48 per cent holding no opinion on how the council supported the local economy, 60 and 66 per cent had no opinion on services for children and older people respectively, and 47 per cent had no opinion on whether the council was a strong leader in the local area.

More agreed than disagreed over whether the council took residents views into account when making decisions by 30 to 28 per cent, but 43 per cent were again undecided.

Another 43 per cent could not answer one way or the other whether the council gave local people good value for money. The County Times asked how much the Residents’ Survey 2011 cost, but as yet no answer has been forthcoming.

83 per cent of respondents said they were kept well informed about how they can recycle, 40 per cent how to keep fit and active, 36 per cent on future planning developments, and 56 per cent agreed that the council was helpful when contacted.

Of the most important services public transport, affordable decent housing and job prospects were the three things that needed most improving, with levels of crime, education provision, access to nature and parks and open spaces ranked lowest.

Only one per cent said they felt unsafe outside during the day, with nine per cent feeling unsafe after dark.

Overall 87 per cent of total respondents were satisfied with the area as a place to live, with 41 per cent of those very satisfied.

However, to the south of the district in Steyning this rose to 75 per cent being very satisfied, with 52 per cent in Chanctonbury, but just 22 per cent very satisfied in Billingshurst.

Other geographical variance on what made somewhere a good place to live included public transport in Cowfold and Henfield, affordable housing in Itchingfield and Broadbridge Heath, shopping facilities in Denne and traffic congestion in Chantry.

One in four reported difficulties in getting to public services such as health centres, while 22 per cent claim to have difficulty affording to heat their home adequately in winter.

While the County Times came top of where people got their information about Horsham District Council from, 36 per cent put alternative news sources, 35 per cent said friends or word of mouth, and 34 per cent the council website. Half of respondents had seen the council website.

For the full report on the survey’s results visit the council’s website.

If you have a problem with our link then cut and paste http://www.horsham.gov.uk/Surveys/ResidentsSurveyResults_2011.pdf into your browser.