Fryern Ladies enjoy first meeting of the year

The General Manager of The Roundabout Hotel - Simon Green - and the committee SUS-150119-112334001
The General Manager of The Roundabout Hotel - Simon Green - and the committee SUS-150119-112334001

What a wonderful way to start the New Year with a glass of the good stuff, catching up with friends and chatter plus a good lunch and interesting speaker to follow.

We were not in the least disappointed with any of this agenda, on this our 12th meeting, and with the strong resolution to leave the diet to yet another day – soon aided by the delicious Smoked Salmon Roulade and Chicken Cordon Bleu - settled in to socialise.

Audrey Gray was our Speaker of the Day, a retired medical worker and local character; well known to many of the ladies present. Audrey’s talk title was an intriguing one being Travels and Troubles with Audrey.

In this interesting recollection of a holiday to South America, The Falklands and Antarctica; Audrey certainly experienced Trouble on a large scale when she fell, ended up in a hospital in Argentina, undergoing a hip operation, and from there eventually was flown home.

It was interesting to compare the differences between our under rated N.H.S. to hospital care in Argentina where everything has to be paid for in advance. We were told that when she sadly fell, injuring her hip and being in great pain, whilst help was instantly to hand, nobody could do a thing until “The Account” had been settled and, when you are on the ground with nobody to lift you up until this has happened, life can be brutally agonising.

Audrey expressed the great importance of health insurance documentation being instantly to hand in travelling abroad; especially when you don’t speak the language or have a spare £5000 in your pocket! Luckily her insurance cover proved reliable and a nurse was sent across and she was flown back 1st class to the U.K. Audrey has yet to experience the wonders of Antarctica and to visit the historical Falkland Islands but she feels that maybe the lesson that she learnt when she was eventually so lovingly cared for by the Argentinians was a spiritual blessing – inner wisdom indeed.

However she is now preparing for her next trip which will be to Madagascar and we hope that in all ways that will be a blessing. Audrey’s excellent talk was accompanied by an interesting visual presentation and was well received, by us all, with many questions afterwards and Ida Rushworth warmly thanking her on our behalf.

Our next meeting will be on February 5th when we shall hear Doug Eaton speak on “Those Blue Plaques on Houses”.

Report by Russ Fry. Picture contributed by The Roundabout Hotel.