Frustration at constant flooding in Southwater

Flooding in Blakes Farm Road (submitted).
Flooding in Blakes Farm Road (submitted).

Angry villagers have vented their frustration at constant flooding of a Southwater road making it impassable at times of heavy rain.

The northern end of Blakes Farm Road was flooded after heavy rain last weekend, making it extremely difficult and dangerous for vehicles and pedestrians to pass through. It has been a repeated complaint from residents since Christmas.

Mum Marnie Evans, from Blakes Farm Road, said her neighbours were becoming increasingly frustrated as the problem continued to plague them,

She said: “For ten years it wasn’t a problem, but over the last few years it’s gotten a lot worse, and by that I mean every time we have heavy rain it floods with filthy, dirty water.

“I think the people are getting to the stage where they just want something done.”

Sally Taylor, of Thistle Way, called for an engineer’s report to be written, rather than a short visit from a workman crew days after the problem has subsided.

Valerie White, another Blakes Farm Road resident, said since emergency services could not access the top end of the road during flooding lives could be put at risk, which she deemed unacceptable.

Tara Williams was having to wade through a ‘dirty lake’ to walk to work every day, while Joan Sturgess, of Blakes Farm Road, added: “There is a very real danger for a serious accident especially if you don’t know the area or even children playing there.

“When are we going to get permanent solution to this problem?”

David Court said he had been promised a response by West Sussex County Council in January and suspected the eight drains around the underpass needed a proper clearing out, and branded the whole situation ridiculous.

A spokesperson for WSCC suspected the main problem was high groundwater levels across the county, but added that it would be conducting an investigation into the issue.