From drug abuser to mentor

JPCT 290413 S13180648x Horsham. United Reformed Church. Danny Bean -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 290413 S13180648x Horsham. United Reformed Church. Danny Bean -photo by Steve Cobb

Aged 15, Danny Bean started using drugs and what started off as curiosity led to 13 years of drug and alcohol abuse, including heroin addiction. This week he shares his story here.

“At the age of 25, we lost my sister at 20 years old. We couldn’t understand why this had happened to her and have never been given a medical reason as to why it happened. I began to find more and more comfort in drugs and alcohol after losing my sister. My addiction was obvious to everyone and it began to affect those closest to me as these were the people I would steal from.”

He started dabbling in petty crime until one event changed his life. “I eventually became involved in a relationship with someone who was also an addict, after six months we were living together and I woke up one morning and found her dead beside me.”

He knew things had to change. “I met a Christian outreach worker who told me about Jesus and that there was hope. When I asked him why he wanted to help me, his reply was, because you’re lost.

“I couldn’t argue with this as I knew he was right. In 2008 I entered into a Christian rehabilitation centre, it was here that I first learnt about God and eventually accepted him into my life.”

His life has now been turned around by his faith. He went on a mission to Nepal to help build a school and last year he married and was blessed with his first child.

“I’m absolutely blessed to have a job that I love, working with adults suffering from mental health and learning difficulties, I also help out at Ark when possible and in some ways I’m able to help others who are in similar situations to what I’ve been in.”