Four summer concerts

Hepworths SUS-140731-164130001
Hepworths SUS-140731-164130001

Glorious weather, locally grown music and a cool pint:- a perfect English summer’s day.

That makes four perfect summer’s days offered by the Festival Committee in Horsham Park for Horsham’s entertainment.

These concerts, four in total over two weekends, are generously provided to local people to encourage total community involvement – and the community was out in force to enjoy it; toddlers tumbling downhill and rescued by a wealth of steadying hands; learning difficulty participants rocking with the band; pic-nickers sharing with new acquaintances: these were afternoons of sheer community pleasure.

Andy Hepworth of Hepworth brewery whose beer tent was a major attraction, was delighted at the sight of families enjoying a day out together. “We serve lemonade to the little ones and beer or wine to the older ones. It’s great to be involved with something like this. I’ve lived here for nearly 35 years, so I feel part of the Horsham community and to be a part of this initiative is quite a privilege. It is all for charity and entry is free – it was good to see people putting their hands in their pockets to fill the buckets being passed round.

“Hepworth’s have been involved for three years, in fact since the beginning; I hope the Garden Festival continues as an annual event: I’m sure it will!”

Report and picture contributed by Christie Price.