Former Horsham pupil narrowly misses talent show win

Former Horsham resident Joe Moore
Former Horsham resident Joe Moore

Former Horsham pupil Joe Moore missed out on winning Australia’s Got Talent today (Wednesday July 25), but won hundreds of new fans.

Joe, who attended Tanbridge House School, before emigrating ‘down under’ as a teenager, was spotted busking in a mall and invited on to the country’s biggest TV talent show.

The singer/songwriter made it all the way to today’s grand final but didn’t make it into the top three.

Victory went to singer Andrew de Silva.

However, during the show Twitter was full of praise for the 21-year-old with comments such as ‘No more busking, you’re hitting the big time’ and ‘He seems like a massive star’.

On his Facebook page, Joe has written: “I am totally overwhelmed by the feedback I am getting after my Australia’s Got Talent Grand Final performance.

“I can’t thank you all eneough for the kind words of praise and support that I am constantly receiving.”