Forest School, Horsham, disrupted due to teacher strikes - what do you think?

JPCT 061211. The Forest School. photo derek martin
JPCT 061211. The Forest School. photo derek martin

A second school in Horsham is to face disruption over teachers’ strike action on Thursday October 17.

The Forest School, Comptons Lane, will be closed to Year 7 and Year 9 pupils on the day, West Sussex County Council has confirmed.

This follows news that Kingslea Primary School, also in Horsham, will close for the day - and further disruption in the district is possible.

What do you think of the teachers’ strike action? Are you a parent of a child at the school?

The debate has prompted comments on the article regarding Kingslea School’s closure (see below).

‘Bettyboop100’ said ‘what’s wrong with performance related pay’, and ‘fireyfish27’ said ‘the system needs to be changed or we will have another generation of failed kids’.

However, ‘babby’ said: “It sickens me that certain ill-informed readers feel it is ok to ‘teacher bash’.”

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