Food delivery firm worker in special Olympic Velodrome event

Deliveroo rider David Wood SUS-180116-155335001
Deliveroo rider David Wood SUS-180116-155335001

A cyclist from Horsham who works for the food delivery firm Deliveroo is to join other riders from across the UK at the Olympic Velodrome in London tomorrow for a special race.

David Wood has been selected from over 15,000 riders to appear at the first ever national Deliveroo Rider Races.

Last year Deliveroo riders, travelled the equivalent of 16 trips to the moon and back and - to celebrate the feat - Deliveroo has set up the Rider Races to bring riders together at Britain’s most iconic biking venue.

The food delivery firm says it is a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity to compete at the Olympic Velodrome for the coveted Rider Races crown.’

Rider David Wood said: “I have been with Deliveroo for just over three months and the event will be a fantastic way to connect with other riders from across the country. I love cycling and feel very happy to have been given the chance to cycle at the Olympic Park with Deliveroo.”

The big day will be split into two stages. First, riders will take part in an outdoor road circuit where lap times will be recorded. Then, those with the fastest times will move indoors for the final race around the velodrome.

The first place winner will receive a £1,000 in Deliveroo credit and a £250 Cycle Surgery Voucher.

Dan Warne, managing director of Deliveroo UK and Ireland, said: “Our riders are the lifeblood of Deliveroo, as many of them are keen cyclists we have set up the Rider Races to offer them the chance to cycle in one of Britain’s most iconic sporting venues. The event will be a great way to meet riders from across the country and I am looking forward to what will be a fun day.”