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Soldiers marching through Horsham in 1914
Soldiers marching through Horsham in 1914
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As everyone will be aware, 2014 marks 100 years since the start of the First World War.

The Horsham district, along with every other community, saw its young men go off to war, many of whom died on the battlefields.

In the coming months there will no doubt be numerous books, TV documentaries and articles on the Great War and the men who took part in the conflict.

The West Sussex County Times will be recognising the sacrifices made by residents from the Horsham area.

From New year’s Day we will be publishing a daily online news report from the paper 100 year ago.

Head of Digital Steve Payne explains: “Obviously, the national emphasis will be centred on July 28 when the war started.

“However, we felt that our readers would get a better idea of the effects of the conflict by seeing how the Horsham district was in the months leading up to the war.

“We still have the old newspaper files from the period and they make fascinating reading.

“The idea is that readers will get a feel for what life was like in 1914 and build up a mental picture of how people lived their lives before the war changed everything.”

As part of our First World War centenary coverage we want to hear from you. If you live in the Horsham district and had a relative who fought in the war, tell us about them. It doesn’t matter if the relative lived outside the area.

Email details of your relative to us at