Follow leisure centre debate and rally live

JPCT 12-05-12 S12200450a  Paul and Sue Kornycky , JUG,  Horsham,   -photo by Steve Cobb
JPCT 12-05-12 S12200450a Paul and Sue Kornycky , JUG, Horsham, -photo by Steve Cobb
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Broadbridge Heath Leisure Centre users have welcomed aspects of new proposals on the eve of the full council meeting tomorrow which will determine its fate (Wednesday June 27).

The County Times will be reporting live from both the council meeting beginning at 6pm, and the rally from the Carfax to the Capitol, starting at 5pm, on Twitter using the hashtag #bbhlc, and online immediately after proceedings have concluded.

Last week Horsham District Council announced proposals for a new £7.3m replacement leisure centre, more expensive than originally planned, on a site south of the current centre.

Jonathan Chowen (Con, Cowfold, Shermanbury and West Grinstead), cabinet member for arts, heritage and leisure, also revealed the council would be prepared to invest in a new track, providing a location could be found.

In a formal response the Joint User Group, said: “The BBHLC Joint User Group (BJUG) welcomes many aspects of the proposals for the council meeting on June 27.”

The group is pleased with the fact a new leisure centre would be built, and use of the current centre would continue until replacement facilities are available, and with the intention to retain the athletics track and football pitch until transition arrangements are produced.

But the group also states: “Given that the clear majority, 54.2 per cent, of votes cast in the consultation were in favour of the People’s Option, 936 out of a total of 1727 votes cast, the BJUG formally requests HDC to explain why this option is not considered acceptable in full for adoption as the basis of the replacement centre.”

Immediate concerns that remained were the number of gym work stations, the size of the multi use games areas and exactly where the athletics track would be located.

In a statement, the JUG said: “Subject to these concerns being given serious consideration we look forward to constructive participation in the advisory and project groups and the development of a new centre with the capacity to meet sport, leisure and community needs for the future population of the Horsham district.”