Flowers stolen from disabled woman

A DISABLED woman was ‘shocked’ and ‘devastated’ when she awoke to find an array of flowers had been stolen from her front garden early on Saturday morning.

Yvonne and Peter Smith, of Billingshurst Road, Broadbridge Heath, found gaping holes in the ground where daffodils and other flowers in full bloom were ripped out from their roots.

Peter followed a trail of peppered soil from his front garden to Kingsmead Road, Broadbridge Heath, where he discovered tulips that had been stolen from their brick wall.

Peter Smith said: “I was very annoyed when I saw the destruction.

“My wife burst into tears and she was distraught all day. She was aggravated and shocked at how some people can stoop so low. She can’t do a lot because she’s disabled and the flowers are one of her few pleasures. We have no idea who it was, but we do get a lot of drunk youths on their way back from the nightclub in Horsham.”

He added: “I don’t expect a lot to happen about it. I’ve called the police and reported the incident, which we believe took place between 1.30am and 6.30am on Saturday.”

This is not the first time the Smiths have fallen victim to theft. A few Christmases ago the ears of a festive reindeer decoration were swiped from their front garden.