Flooding, speed limits and potholes

Pot holes and flooding in Mouse Lane
Pot holes and flooding in Mouse Lane

Air quality, potholes, and changes to speed limits and road markings were all on the agenda at a meeting in Washington last week.

Chanctonbury County Local Committee, chaired by county councillor for the Bramber Castle division David Barling, debated progress reports, infrastructure plans and addressed residents’ concerns at Washington Memorial Hall on Wednesday (June 11).

A priority raised by Amberley residents is the extension of a 40mph zone eastwards on The Turnpike.

County councillor for Storrington division and district councillor Philip Circus said he spoke to Sussex Police, but was informed that they would struggle to enforce the speed limit.

“They have told me that in practise they can’t monitor speed limits because they don’t have a long enough road to set up speed cameras.

“When they say they can’t enforce it I don’t feel overly concerned about that. There are very few roads that they can enforce the speeding control.”

Principle Community Officer Cali Sparks said that the low accident statistics do not warrant a high level intervention, but it does not mean it is not an issue for the local people, and the council plans to hold a meeting with the Police Complaints Commission to discuss it further.

Also, Mr Circus added that a request for double white lines on the road would not be possible as it does not conform to regulations.

A long term issue on the agenda is the Storrington air quality initiative. The last two Low Emissions Zone (LEZ) cameras have been installed to monitor traffic pollution in the area.

Mr Circus said: “We’re starting to make progress.

“It’s a twin objective here. One is the air quality management plan, the other is the improvements on the A27.”

County Councillor for the Pulborough division Pat Arculus said: “I believe in the A27 but I’m not holding my breath.”

She said that the by-pass could clear traffic flow in one area, but move it to another, like Pulborough.

Mr Circus added it will be ‘a very big part to the solution’.

A Wiston resident and parish councillor raised issue of reducing the speed limit from 40mph to 30mph as drivers enter the village from the A24.

Mrs Sparks said that the council can create a sign that will indicate to drivers that they are entering a village.

She added that through experience the reduction in speed by 10mph will only prompt people to slow down by 2 to 3mph.

In another item, Steyning’s Mouse Lane has been the centre of controversy following numerous complaints to the council over debris in the road and flooding.

A concerned resident asked if there was any progress on the situation.

Mrs Sparks said that the council has been working with the drainage team and currently a new balancing pond is being organised with the Wiston Estate and parish council. She added that all the pot holes have been surveyed and should be filled within 28 days.

“We’re going to look at what we can do with a flooding action plan,” added Mrs Sparks.