Flood hits land near homes site


FIELDS near the site of the West of Horsham development have flooded after Monday night’s heavy rain.

This was the view of land near Hills Farm Lane on Tuesday morning where the Boldings Brook had burst its banks.

Vice-chairman of Denne Neighbourhood Council, Trudie Mitchell, who lives near the flooded area, said the development planned by the Berkeley Group would make things worse.

“It happens every year, sometimes several times a year and sometimes it skips a year,” she said.

“The flood water this week is not as deep as it sometimes is. You can still see most of the seat and litter bin but not the course of the river.

“The river flows fast in a deep cutting with steep sides, so it would be very dangerous if anyone fell in the water.

“Denne Neighbourhood Council raised concerns at the very beginning of the planning process and Berkeley is now more aware of the flooding and is taking it more seriously.

“We have shown them photos going back ten years. They are including flood defences in the development but Berkeley is not responsible for mitigating flooding on the Hills Farm Lane side and we want to get to the bottom of what it causing it.”

She said one possibility is that the Warnham Mill Pond, from where the Boldings Brook flows, needs dredging.

“If it had greater capacity it would take longer to fill up than it does now.”

They are urging all the agencies involved to investigate what causes this persistent flooding before any homes are built.