Firefighters Charity benefit from Viridor

Viridoe donate to the Firefighters Charity SUS-151214-161159001
Viridoe donate to the Firefighters Charity SUS-151214-161159001

The Firefighters Charity have been presented with a cheque for over £3,500 from the West Sussex branches of Viridor.

The news comes as Viridor’s operational sites from across West Sussex donated their first instalment of a safe working incentive scheme.

In West Sussex the leadership team of the recycling and waste handling contract chose their nominated charity to be the Firefighters Charity after forging strong links with the West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service working in partnership when responding to incidents that occur on sites across the region.

The Firefighters charity supports the network of currently serving and retired fire fighters and their families across the country and acts as a focal point for recovery from injury as a result of both mental and physical trauma.

The Littlehampton centre opened its doors to show managers from Viridor their facilities including two hydrotherapy pools, a state of the art gymnasium and the provision to educate visitors on health and wellbeing.

Viridor introduced a charity rewards scheme in December last year with employees nationwide raising over £38,000 in the first period of the scheme.

Viridor currently operates the Recyling and Waste Handling Contract on behalf of the West Sussex County Council which is a long term 29 year contract including provision of 11 Household Waste Recycling Sites where the public are able to come and dispose of unwanted items,

five Bulk Transfer Stations where County Council domestic waste and recycling is delivered, and the state-of-the-art Ford Materials Recycling Centre, offering sustainable waste management and educating the public to enhance recycling rates.

Jon Mayes, Viridor Transport Manager for West Sussex, said: “Today we have been incredibly fortunate, gaining a glimpse behind the scenes at the charity’s amazing facility here in Littlehampton.

“Supporting and rehabilitating fire-fighters injured in the line of duty, it is very rewarding to give something back to the people we sometimes take for granted.

He added: “I feel sure that if it was not for their professionalism when they respond to incidents on our sites there would be far more damage.”

Russell Ellcome, Viridor Operations Manager for West Sussex said: “Having seen first-hand the environment that West Sussex Fire & Rescue Service face in the line of duty, and subsequently seeing the work that the Firefighters Charity do for their members and beneficiaries, it gives me great pleasure to be able to donate this sum of money to such a worthwhile cause.

He continued: “It also gives me a great sense of achievement knowing that this donation is only made possible through the positive actions of every member of my team across West Sussex who work tirelessly to ensure we work safely at all times.”

Viridor has committed to a step-change in health and safety performance, which translates into actively preventing all lost time accidents, incidents or dangerous occurrences at all operational sites.

For more information about the Firefighters Charity visit