Farlington girls win netball tournament

Farlington U11 netball winners SUS-150126-103613001
Farlington U11 netball winners SUS-150126-103613001

On Saturday 17th January Farlington School took part and won the Under-11 netball tournament at Windlesham House.

The team arrived at a very wet and cold Windlesham. Two courts had what resembled a lake across them, so Miss Currell collected a broom and brushed away some of the water to reveal the netball courts beneath! The clouds then cleared and the sun shone! The Under-11 team faced Holmwood House to begin. A very even match, but Holmwood just crept ahead to win the game 1-0.

Determined and focused, the Farlington girls demonstrated their skills in the next 4 matches. Imogen and Emilia in defence made some wonderful interceptions and linked together nicely to bring the ball up the court.

Holly, Evie and Liesl worked together to send the ball forward to Issy and Maddy in the circle. Watching each other’s movements closely, Issy and Maddy successfully worked the ball under the post and scored some great goals.

The team won the following 4 matches - 6-1, 3-1, 3-2 and 5-0. They then waited to see who they would face in the quarter final. Bedes it was to be and Farlington got off to a great start and stormed ahead to win 8-0. Through to the semi-final, Farlington now faced Holmwood House, again.

Darkness had started to fall, the floodlights were switched on and the temperature was dropping rapidly. Tense and nervous as they’d lost their first game to Holmwood, the team were reassured by Miss Currell that they had the ability to win this match this time. The ball went end to end, with both teams making mistakes as the pressure rose. 1-0, then 1-1! Farlington managed to secure the last goal of the game winning 2-1.

The team now waited to see who they faced in the final. Kept warm and focused, they experienced both joy and nerves. Burgess Hill won their semi-final. The last time Burgess Hill and Farlington met was at a full match away at Burgess Hill. The Burgess Hill team barely let Farlington have a sniff of the ball on that occasion and won with ease.

Miss Currell committed this to her memory and choose wisely not to remind the Farlington team of the outcome of their last meeting! Once neutral umpires were organised, the final between Farlington and Burgess Hill got underway. Now under full flood lights and temperatures nearing zero, the Farlington team had 12 more minutes of netball to get through.

Farlington went ahead 1-0, but Burgess Hill managed to pull it back in the second half to 1-1. The final whistle went. Still no winners, so 3 minutes of extra time was declared and if there was no winner it would be sudden death. Farlington, a little too frantic for Miss Currell’s liking, got the ball down the court to the shooters. Maddy set up her shot, released, and it rebounded! But then the whistle went. The Burgess Hill goalkeeper was pulled up for obstruction.

Maddy reset her shot, composed and calm on the outside, probably very nervous inside, she released the ball and in it went. Less than a minute to play, all Farlington needed to do was keep possession of the ball. If Farlington had it, Burgess Hill couldn’t score. Time ticked down slowly, tick tock, tick tock, and then music to everyone’s ears, the sound of the final whistle!

This was followed by the sound elated players and supporters cheering, Farlington had done it! We had won the final, and were declared winners of the Under-11 netball tournament.

Farlington then gracefully collected their medals and shield at the presentation. Huge congratulations to Maddy Giller, Isabella Hayes, Liesl Bridge-Butler, Evie Marsden, Holly Cannons, Emilia Fisher and Imogen Rimer.

Report and picture contributed by Farlington School.