Farlington bury Jubilee time capsule

Farlington School time capsule items
Farlington School time capsule items

Farlington Prep School looked to the future this Jubilee with the burial of a time capsule to be opened in 60 years.

The girls buried the capsule at 11am on Friday June 1 to be opened by pupils on June 1 2072 and every year group from reception to prep six contributed three items that represented their age range.

The reception class put forward their favourite crisps and sweets wrappers and a ‘CBeebies’ weekly comic.

Girls in prep provided a complete set of winter and summer uniforms and prep two contributed a topic book, a Moshling and a Wenlock and Maneville book.

The junior school girls contributed class timetables, a weekly menu, the prep production DVD, the school magazine and a set of KS2 SATs papers.

The souvenir Diamond Jubilee edition of First News was also included along with a copy of the West Sussex County Times and a national newspaper.

Headmistress, Joy Baggs, was tasked with the job of researching the best way to preserve the items.

She said: “It became apparent at an early stage in my research that time capsules buried during celebrations such as a World’s Fair, had taken months to prepare and had been extremely expensive, encapsulated in stainless steel.”

Instead, the prep school purchased a metal fire box and air-tight plastic bags were created by using a conventional vacuum cleaner to extract the air from thick plastic bags.

Contributed by Farlington School.